Engineering Outsourcing: Why Your Company Could Benefit From It

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What problems can companies experience that are trying to design everything in-house? Not taking advantage of outsourcing parts of their engineering developments?

Engineering outsourcing can be a problem for companies when they try to design everything in-house A common issue is that engineers don’t have the know-how or the skillset and they cannot find a solution. Additionally, it’s hard for companies to find the best qualified partner and solutions. Also, having in-house engineering is very costly. So, companies don’t even have specified high-skilled engineers in-house.

What are the disadvantages of not outsourcing engineering design and the development? Major disadvantages are clear when it comes to engineering knowledge or skillset. Companies may not even have that skillset. Or, it’s hard for companies to find the most qualified engineering partner/solution. Additionally, it’s hard to have in-house engineering teams for companies. It is very costly, which they cannot afford, unfortunately. For example A company needs an IP67 requirement. But, in their history they have had no experience or challenge to design an IP67 compliant system. In such cases trial and error is an option that may be very costly, lengthy, and may end up in failure. Or, you can work with an engineering house or a manufacturer. That provides value added engineering, that has: done this dozens of times, delivered exactly what you needed, delivered in the shortest possible time, the best price possible. How does iConn solve this problem? We solve this problem by pre-screening the project documents our customers give us. This is because there’s several possible outcomes to do so. First of all, there could be a lack of documentation or insufficiency in the product design. Thus meaning, is it even manufacturable? And iConn’s goal is to help point the customer in the right direction. One that finds a solution that brings their product to market. What value does iConn bring to the table? So, at iConn, we specialize in myriad of disciplines. Additionally, we provide engineered manufacturing solutions. We cover a broad range of: services, sheet metal stamping, plastic injection, die casting, machining, cable assemblies. Overall, it’s about collaboration to identify the solutions to these different issues. Thus, this includes viewing the product at every angle, and supporting it with strong documentation. Many engineers that review the design at the very beginning of the project. Also, collaboration is key in formulating solutions. iConn provides skillsets that will plan solutions to support your unique selling propositions. These resources are available to you through our US based interface. Also, we are accountable on the US standards at all time. At iConn, we will position ourselves as an extension of your engineering. Our skilled engineering resources are ready to complement your in-house engineering any time. Additionally, benefits in working with iConn are: complete and thorough review of products, accountability held to US standards, documentation from start to finish.

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