iConn Sub-Assemblies

iConn specializes in manufacturing labor intensive subassemblies, with automation imbedded processes, maximizing efficiency for high volumes, consistent quality, and short lead times.

The greater the variety of manufacturing capabilities the assembly requires, the greater the value iConn can deliver.

iConn partners include OEM and CM companies in:

  • Telecom
  • Medical
  • Alternative Energy
  • Power Industry
  • Automotive & Marine
  • Safety & Security
  • Instrumentation & Audio
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Robotics & Drones
  • Fiber Optics

Target Labor-Intensive Sub-assemblies (Multiple Capabilities) within the Customer’s Manufacturing Line

  • iConn’s niche is in manufacturing labor intensive electro-mechanical subassemblies. The more discrete manufacturing capabilities involved in the assembly, the greater value iConn can deliver.

    • iConn excels at coordinating multiple disparate technologies to produce high quality subassemblies from our manufacturing facilities.

Metal Stampings and Assembly

iConn specializes in sheet metal stamping with a high level of workmanship and service. 

High precision tool design and fabrication, and ongoing tool maintenance are performed in-house.

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with progressive and robotic stamping press lines that range from 40-800 tonnes.

Additionally, iConn’s comprehensive range of secondary processes and extensive subassembly capabilities enable higher quality output with shortened production lead times, achieving maximum efficiency to meet high-volume requirements.

Through the use of state-of-the-art technology and a highly trained workforce, we continue to accelerate the limits of conventional manufacturing processes.

Silicon & Plastic Injection Molding

iConn provides injection molding solutions for use with electronic assemblies and subassemblies.

Our US-based mechanical engineers create mechanical design solutions, custom designing and manufacturing complex molds to your specifications.

Additionally, we assist in DFM, and support the product development process with prototypes.

Our capabilities include an onsite engineering team who design and fabricate tools for making molds for the following:

Silicon & Plastic Injection
Molding Production Setup

Co-injection (sandwich) molding

Fusible (lost, soluble) core injection molding

Gas-assisted injection molding

In-mold decoration and in-mold lamination

Injection-compression molding

Injection molding of liquid silicon rubber

Insert and outsert molding

Lamellar (microlayer) injection molding

Low-pressure injection molding

Microinjection molding

Microcellular molding

Multicomponent injection molding (overmolding)

Multiple live-feed injection molding

Powder injection molding

Push-Pull injection molding

Reaction injection molding

Resin transfer molding


Structural foam injection molding

Structural reaction injection molding

Thin-wall molding

Vibration gas injection molding

Water assisted injection molding

Rubber injection

Review Designs & Drawings for Manufacturability

iConn’s “Design for Excellence” approach ensures reliable and consistent manufacturability before any fabrication begins

Develop Production Plan & Quote

State-of-the-art processes & technologies keep your Total Cost of Ownership far lower than domestic production

Get Your Production Sample

Project experts include quality control and procurement specialists with a 97.5% First Article (FA) success rate company-wide

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