Turnkey Electro-Mechanical Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions

Collaborative Design, Engineering, development, and Rapid Prototyping

USA-Grade Quality, Offshore Production Prices

Reduce Costs & Increase Capacity

Keep Your IP Safe & Secure

Tired of sourcing parts from partners you can’t trust?


iConn gives you access to offshore labor without exposing your intellectual property or the added expenses of global manufacturing. Our boots on the ground not only provide access to low cost labor but also vetted and scaleable precision manufacturing and assembly capebilities.

protect bottom line

Protect your Best interests and Bottom Line

End-to-end solutions that lower your Total Cost of Ownership

strict quality guidelines

Strict Quality Guidelines

ISO-managed facilities with strict SOPs at every state, because no detail is too small.

designed locally manufactured globally

Designed Locally, Manufactured Globally

USA-based engineers and reps lead a global team to produce industry-leading solutions

Go From Renderings to Reality with iConn

Review Drawings & Designs for Manufacturability

iConn’s “Design for Excellence” system ensures reliability, maintainability and feasibility before fabrication begins

Develop Production Plan & Quote

State-of-the-art processes & technologies keep your Total Cost of Ownership far lower than domestic production

Get your sample

Project experts include quality control and procurement specialists with a 97.5% First Article (FA) success rate company-wide

How is iConn Different?

Communication and confidence are essential for our shared success.

In addition to binding MNDAs and MFG contracts, iConn guarantees a US-based representative on all correspondence and 100% refunds in the event of any workmanship errors.