The Partner Behind Your Best Parts

iConn is the partner you need for cost-efficient manufacturing at the highest standards


iConn provides design, development, and manufacturing services to the medical industry by producing complex technical parts and equipment overseas that meet rigorous US standards at a lower cost.

Safety & Security

iConn’s safety and security offerings include component development and fabrication, reverse-engineering for reproducibility and scalability, and other highly technical services for precision industries.

Alternative Energy

Many alternative energy clients rely on iConn for mechanical parts, custom interconnects, subassemblies — and everything in between. As a company, we are proud to do our part to develop a cleaner, healthier future.

Exercise & Lifestyle

iConn has partnered on hundreds of exercise and lifestyle product development projects and specializes in home exercise equipment designed to customer needs. We also provide innovative turnkey solutions for specific fitness equipment that meets or exceeds technical industry standards.