Equivalent Products

Equivalent products and components are important in any industry. So, let’s start with industries that need to adhere to original components. You cannot deviate. Common military products, like planes, don’t want to deviate from the originals. They are hard tested, and once you’re designed in, you’re grandfathered in. And, often also complex medical products, even though there’s more flexibility. Yet, there is this large range of other electronics US engineers design. This is due to superior spec documentation and the availability of original components. With that comes a problem. Original parts may not be available for the offshore manufacturer or sourcing resources. And that’s because they don’t have credit lines established with the suppliers. Also, they don’t have a relationship with the suppliers for competitive price models.
Generally, US companies have an inherited mistrust of anything built overseas. They don’t know whether it is in violation of any patents. They don’t know whether the facilities making these products can promise consistent quality. without substituting specced in base materials and specifications with other activities. So a mistrust is there and it is a major barrier to spec and off sourced components in their designs. So, with the parts shortages for original components, they come with longer lead times. They are not even available on the market. Thus you would have to deviate to go into equal components to get your product manufactured. How do we solve the original BOM versus the equivalent products issue? Here’s an analogy. You go down the aisle in a grocery store, and you see Kellogg’s branded cereal on the shelf. And few steps further, you see that same cereal in a non-branded box, what do your children go for? They want to go for the branded product because that’s what they’re familiar with. They recognize what’s imprinted in their heads as being the best product. Even though if you put that non-branded cereal into the bowl, they couldn’t tell the difference. So originals versus equivalence undergo that principle. How are equivalent product designing, manufacturing, performance, and reliability ensured? So equivalent products are in form fit and function the same as the original products. iConn’s job is to prove that the form fit function delivers the same performance as the original spec. This happens through extensive testing, supported by collected quantitative and qualitative data. With equivalent sourced products, the manufacturer can contact its network in Asia. Now they have equivalent products. Additionally, they can ensure these equivalent products are from a local manufacturer. Thus, providing a bundle of advantages including: better prices, lower minimum order quantities, shorter lead times. This triangle of advantages is a major point in getting the customer what they want. iConn and equivalent products At iConn, we specialize in: identifying equivalent products, documenting the equivalents, supporting these documentations with in-depth testing. The customer advantages are: better pricing, lower lead time, better minimal order quantities. Also, we make sure to always inspect for top-level performance in the equivalent manufacturer.
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