iConn Parts Make Exercise & Lifestyle Products Run

Balancing quality, goals, and ownership costs for a healthy bottom line


iConn has partnered on hundreds of exercise and lifestyle product development projects and specializes in home exercise equipment designed to customer needs. We also provide innovative turnkey solutions for specific fitness equipment that meets or exceeds technical industry standards.

    Why Work With iConn?

    • Cutting-edge processes and materials for the best version of your product
    • Protect your innovations with mutual non-disclosure agreements
    • Your team of designers, manufacturers, and logistics masters will leverage combined expertise to secure world-class components

    Go From Renderings to Reality with iConn

    Review Drawings & Designs for Manufacturability

    iConn’s “Design for Excellence” system ensures reliability, maintainability and feasibility before fabrication begins

    Develop Production Plan & Quote

    State-of-the-art processes & technologies keep your Total Cost of Ownership far lower than domestic production

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    Project experts include quality control and procurement specialists with a 97.5% First Article (FA) success rate company-wide