iConn Technologies Announces Strategic Expansion Under Cape Group, Elevating Global Technical Manufacturing

In a significant move that redefines the landscape of technical manufacturing, iConn Technologies, under the leadership
of CEO Turker Hidirlar, is thrilled to announce its recent acquisition by Cape Group, a titan in the EMS-Subassembly sector.
This strategic merger heralds a new era for iConn Technologies, vastly expanding its operational and service capabilities
across the globe.

Global Expansion and Enhanced Services
Thanks to this partnership, iConn Technologies is now poised to extend its technical manufacturing services well beyond its
traditional bases, reaching into new markets across China, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and North America. This expansion
grants unparalleled access to diverse manufacturing capabilities and regional expertise, ensuring iConn Technologies
remains at the cutting edge of the industry. The company’s service offerings have been significantly enhanced to include a
broad spectrum of technical manufacturing services:

Die Casting: Utilizing precision engineering to craft complex, high-quality shapes suited for demanding applications.
CNC Machining: Offering advanced machining for the production of intricate components with exceptional tolerances.
Sheet Metal Stamping: Optimizing high-volume production for efficiency, quality, and durability.
Plastic Injection: Providing state-of-the-art solutions for the manufacture of high-precision plastic parts.
Electro-Mechanical Subassembly Services: Delivering comprehensive modules that integrate various components into fully
functional units.
Additionally, iConn’s Virtual Manufacturing Services have expanded to encompass cable extrusion and assembly, connector
manufacturing, and metal extrusion, further broadening the company’s capabilities.

A Commitment to Innovation and Collaboration
This strategic expansion is more than just a growth in geographical reach and service capabilities;

it represents iConn Technologies’ unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and collaborative success. The synergy
between iConn Technologies and Cape Group sets a new benchmark in the industry, ready to tackle the challenges of today
and the opportunities of tomorrow.
iConn Technologies is excited to unveil how these expanded capabilities will bolster projects and contribute to the success
of its partners and stakeholders. The company looks forward to sharing more in the upcoming engagements.
About iConn Technologies
iConn Technologies, now a proud member of the Cape Group, is at the forefront of engineered manufacturing solutions,
specializing in a wide range of technical manufacturing services that cater to the complex needs of the global market.

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