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Quality, Controlled

DESIGN & MANUFACTURING FOR RELIABILITY, MAINTAINABILITY, AND REPRODUCIBILITY iConn manufacturing maintains the highest quality standards for every client project. From design to line SOPs to testing and certification, every production meets your industry’s highest requirements. Why Work With iConn? All facilities managed and run by ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, and…
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The Engineering Knowledge and Experience to Make Anything Yours

DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, AND PRODUCTION OF ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS, ASSEMBLIES AND SUB-ASSEMBLIES From conceptualization to establishing requirement specifications, hardware prototyping, testing, module integration and more, iConn is an agile and reliable engineering partner. Why Work With iConn? Design for Excellence (DFX) methodologies encompass manufacturability, assembly, and cost Proactive participant in product architecture…
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24/7 Global Communication

VIA CUSTOMER CENTER ACCESS interconnectors can enhance your IP with proprietary technology while simultaneously lowering your lead times and ownership costs. iConn can customize your connector solution or integrate standard connectors for your project. Collaborative project teams that proactively pursue your best interests at every stage Extensive in-house engineering…
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Electromechanical Subassemblies for Rigorous and Highly Regulated Industries

HIGH QUALITY ROBOTIC INTEGRATED INJECTION MOLDING, METAL STAMPING & DIE CASTING iConn specializes in manufacturing labor intensive subassemblies, with automation imbedded processes, maximizing efficiency for high volumes, consistent quality, and short lead times. The more discrete manufacturing capabilities the assembly requires, the greater the value iConn can deliver. iConn partners…
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