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iConn uses the Design for Excellence (DFX) modality to engineer high-quality, cost-efficient electro-mechanical components, assemblies, and subassembly solutions for:

  • Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)
  • Contract Manufacturers (CM)
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

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  • Collaborative global engineering team
  • Cohesive & structured development environment
  • Inline & post-production quality testing and control
  • Global shipping & logistics experts
  • Premier engineered solutions made on-time under a competitive cost model
  • Factory registered component pricing access through our component supply partners

Case Study

Fitness Trackers for Hykso, Inc.

Project Scope

Founded in 2013 Hykso created a sport tracker application specifically for boxing to track fighter statistics and progress. The app works in conjunction with trackers that track the hand movements of the wearer to detect the number, type and velocity of all the wearer’s punches.

Hykso came to iConn with prototype punch trackers and asked iConn to optimize their design for high-volume manufacturing, source all of the required tooling and manufacturing, and design and supply custom packaging in order to provide a turnkey, market ready solution.

Hykso Render

Challenges Met By the iConn Team

  • Provided a water resistant, highly durable, ergonomic and attractive Punch Tracker assembly.
    • Utilized state-of the-art solid-modeling software to optimize the component designs and to ensure manufacturability
    • Selected materials suitable for high-volume manufacturing, optimum strength and durability.
    • Utilized ultra-sonic welding technology to achieve a water-tight housing assembly
    • Sourced a high-density PCBA assembly incorporating a custom high-performance battery, high sensitivity sensors and a powerful Bluetooth transmitter for data transfer.
  • Developed a Charging Station incorporating a reliable contact system and providing easy insertion and removal of the Punch Trackers and that can be directly plugged into a USB power source for quick and convenient charging and storage of the Punch Trackers
  • Designed, prototyped and sourced a custom high-end retail package with distinctive appearance and retail appeal

Assemblies Provided by iConn

  • Punch Trackers
  • Charging Station
  • USB Extension Cable
  • Custom Retail Package

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