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Custom and Standard Interconnects, Mini HDMI, HDMI, Switcher, Splitter, Cable End Connector, Cable Assembly, Adapter, Wallplate, Extender, Converter, Board Mount Connector, Flex Circuitry, FFC, RFC, FFC Socket Connector.

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Technologies and Services We Offer

Concept Design, Engineering, Prototyping, Laser Cut, Turret Bending, PCBA, Sub-Assembly, SMT, 3CCD Optical Inspection, Plastic Molding, 292 Injection Molding Machines, 30-1600 tons, Precision Metal Stamping, Tool Design and Fabrication, Product Tolerances of +/- 20 micron, Painting, Coating and Pre-Treatment of Finished Products, Warehousing, Logistics Services.

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Industry Certifications

ISO9001: 2000 QMSC, ISO 9002:1994 QC from BVQI, ISO14001: 2004 EMSC, TS 16949:2002 MS, RoHS 2008, ISO 14001:2004 EMSC, TS16949 QSC, QS-9000 : 1988 QC, TUV QS9000: 1998 QC, UKAS ISO9001 QMSC, ANSI*RAB Accredited, ISO 14000, 5S Japanese Quality Management.

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iConns Worldwide Locations

USA: California, Nevada, MALAYSIA: Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, SINGAPORE, INDONESIA: Jakarta, China: Dongguan, Xinhui, Shanghai, Jining Shandong, Shenzhen, TAIWAN: Chungli, TURKEY: Istanbul

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Expansion to Eastern Europe

Following our global customer footprint, we are happy to announce the incorporation of iConn Teknoloji, our Eastern Europe headquarters, under the leadership of Mr. Can Yanyali, GM, located in Istanbul.

iConn Teknoloji will be the primary customer development and service center for Eastern European and Middle East countries.

The operations will include in-house engineering, business development, customer service, logistics and value added warehouse services. iConn Teknolojis web presence will be available in a multi-lingual format before the end of this year.
iConn Teknoloji - East Euopean Headquarters

Gazeteciler Mahallesi, Dergiler Sokak, 18/2 Esentepe 34394 Sisli Istanbul TURKEY

Office: +90 212 272 36 30 Fax: + 90 212 266 10 94

General Inquires:  Contact the GM:
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Our Team at iConn, Inc. is your Global logistics practitioners. We efficiently plan, implement and control the operations of the supply chain through employment of the Supply Chain Management (SCM). iConn Incs warehousing network ensures that your product is kept safe and protected near your end-designated location.

VMI, Our Vendor Managed Inventory allows you to store product near the intended shipping destination, keeping Min/Max inventory volumes close to production for unforeseen demand increase and peace of mind.

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